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Why We Love Social Services (And You Should, Too!)

We would like to show you how human society has evolved into a more wholesome one through our lens. The past two years have been tough on us mentally and physically, but it did not stop some people from performing their acts of kindness by providing food, shelter, financing, and help whenever necessary.

Why We Love Social Services (And You Should, Too!)
Love Social Services

These are the heroes of society, proof that humanity is still intact even during trying times. Charity and social services go hand in hand, and in this blog post, we will show you how you can be such a 'hero'.


We all need someone and some a little more so

At some point in time, we all need all the help we can get. If this is so, think about the poor souls who cannot do the basic things due to their disability. Helping them out, as stated by several expert social workers, gives a 'sense of freedom and meaning' into the lives of the specially-abled. Helping out someone we love makes us feel great. Now how about helping out someone who needs you? Exciting right?

Because Each One of Us Matters

There once was a time when being born with a disability was seen as a curse from the gods. Luckily with the advancement of science and the modern world. People started to open up and see it as being unique rather than being unusual. And what else, these fantastic humans are born with their unique talents. With the help of Digital Marketing, such Talents are showcased on our shopping site. You will find some of the best high-quality handicrafts such as jute handicrafts, wooden handicrafts, and cane handicrafts made by our unique artists. In case you find anything that you like, do drop by and help someone out on the way.

Sharing is Caring

Do you remember when we were kids and parents would repeat the words 'Sharing is Caring'? Well, they were right in every sense. Sharing in the sense of donations or even attending charity events shows love and care. Thanks to digital transformation and transparency around the non-profit organizations, each of us can share what we want with the click of a button.

Some people prefer one-time donations through charity donation websites but these days more prefer to get something in return. Creating a win-win situation. This is why we(our brand) do what we do, to give back to the donors some form of product or service to create a win-win situation.

An exchange that makes sense

Charity donations are significant, or the best we can say in the form of selfless giving. However, there seems to be a certain charm in getting value out of your donation. Excluding the praise and status from the society, of course. To get something back, this seems to be the rage nowadays. As mentioned before, these special people have talents that could rival that of the masters if nurtured and perfected.

Their handicrafts are carefully crafted with care and love, as they want to give something back. Getting such a craft back in return for a generous donation seems to make sense.


Ask any person who has donated something or a person known for being charitable. What they ever got from doing such acts of kindness. They will almost always reply 'satisfaction' whether online donation or offline donations. Yes, satisfaction, what more extraordinary deed, what more significant act of god than to help your fellow human being and to acknowledge the talents of each other.

This is it. These are the reasons we love Social Services and hopefully, you will as well.

If you are interested in buying or helping out, pay us a visit through the link.


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